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We believe that we can impact the quality of life of all people in the Asheville area - children, adults, families, students, seniors, employees. We want to increase the level of activity in our community.

We are part of a national effort led by the YMCA of the USA, known as Activate America: Pioneering Healthier Communities, a project that engages key community stake holders to develop strategies that reduce barriers and increase support for healthy living in the Asheville area.

Our plan is to educate, motivate, and facilitate long-term collaboration with business, government, schools, communities, neighborhoods, social service agencies and the media toward making the Asheville area a healthier place to live, work and play.

Pioneering Healthier Communities Commission Statement:

We are dedicated to making Asheville and the surrounding communities the healthiest place to live in North Carolina.

Model of Operation:

The Pioneering Healthier Communities team will serve as a catalyst providing leadership, support, coordination, and resources to remove obstacles and assist the community in achieving their physical activity goals.


We plan to increase physical activity by focusing on the built environment and supporting policy for healthy lifestyles.


Before and afterschool childcare, schools, workplace, neighborhoods, and community; Infrastructure and Policy change.

End Results:

  1. An increase in physical activity for the reason that the environment supports that activity as part of daily life.
  2. Public policy that supports healthy lifestyles by:
    • Involving key stakeholders throughout the area representing all facets of community life.
    • Influencing public policy to have a positive impact on physical activity.
    • Promoting and supporting information and education on healthier, active lifestyles.
    • Developing and delivering informational messages through the media and workplace.

Mission Statement: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.
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