FitQuest is a YMCA exercise support process (ESP), designed to teach new and returning exercisers how to start and stick with exercise programs. At no additional cost to you, the YMCA will pair you with a personal wellness coach.

FitQuest will use a series of one-on-one meetings between you and your YMCA wellness coach. One size does not fit all when it comes to trying on an exercise plan. For this reason, the YMCA offers a brief (takes 3-5 minutes to complete) but highly accurate assessment of what works on your unique body, mind and spirit. This assessment helps us help you design an active lifestyle plan that fits best with your current level of fitness, motivation, work/life balance. At planned follow-up meetings with your coach you will review your progress, feedback and revise your exercise plan to match your goal progress.

What will it take?


Tracking your exercise progress is an important aspect to success and our computerized FitLinxx System makes this easy. The software allows our staff to create individualized programs across all components of exercise, configured to deliver optimum results for each member. The FitLinxx system contains all the adjustments, the range of motion and amount of weight and displays it at each machine so that you don't have to remember them. It will then record all your exercise information including cardiovascular activities and store it on your computer file. You can access your records on the internet to view your progress and get additional information and tips to help make your exercise program more successful and enjoyable. As a member of the YMCA – there are no additional fees.




  • Initial Orientation: Meet with a wellness coach, get started in FitQuest by learning about the variety of fitness classes and equipment we have available for your health and fitness needs. You will create a personalized and customized work out routine based on personal goals. . You will have a Personal FitLinxx ID number assigned. During the workout, you will use your ID number at each machine or to log in group exercise classes. Every time you work out, the system will record the workout.
  • If you have any questions or want to try something different, just huddle with your coach. The days of doing it alone are over. No more sitting on the bench.


Mission Statement: To put Christian Principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

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