Menwalking•Coca Cola reported saving $500 every year per employee after implementing a wellness program, with 60% of their employees participating.

• Pacific Bell reported that overall absenteeism decreased after implementing a fitness program.

• Prudential Insurance Company reported that the benefits costs for employees participating in their wellness program were $312, as opposed to $574 for nonparticipants.

• DuPont found that its wellness program saved $1.42 in lower absenteeism costs for every dollar invested over a 2 year period.

• Johnson & Johnson reduced their absenteeism rate by 15% within two years of introducing a worksite wellness program. They also cut hospital costs by 34% after just three years.

• On average, health care claim costs for IBM employees who exercise 1- 2 times a week are $350 a year less than those who don’t exercise at all.


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