Project Rise Summer Camp visits Horse Sense of the Carolinas!

 Hi Everyone!! 

The YMCA Y Achievers program had a unique opportunity thanks to a generous gift from Horse Sense of the Carolinas.  The Y Achievers program, which provides enrichment and positive confidence building activities (such as the activity you are about to read about) to teens living in Pisgahview and Deaverview communities, was able to travel to Horse Sense of the Carolinas for an afternoon of Equine therapy led by Kendall Smith.  The teens had some reservations at first about working with the horses, but quickly learned about positive communication skills and building relationships through nonverbal cues and activities with different horses.  The groups still talk about each horse they worked with and the experience they had at Horse Sense.  It is through the generous gift of Horse Sense of the Carolinas and the support of members like you that the YMCA is able to make such a powerful impact on these wonderful kids in our community. 

Thank you Horse Sense of the Carolinas from the Y Achievers Program! 

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