Gil and Daliah

Gil and Daliah joined the Y’s Aquatics programs at 3 and 5 years of age. They had just moved to America from Israel, and after experiencing dramatic cultural and language barriers, both were a little extra nervous on their first day of class.

New to swimming, they were enrolled in the Y’s beginner level, Pike. Gil and Daliah took to swimming like fish to water and progressed quickly.

A few years pass and Gil and Daliah’s grandmother moved to America to be cared for in her older years. Immediately after this Gil and Daliah’s mother, Leora, lost her job. Now the family had an extra person to provide for, and only half of their income.

Leora did not know what to do; the swimming season was just getting ready to get started again! Gil and Daliah were so excited to see their teachers and friends again, but there was no way the family could afford to pay for swim class.

When the Y learned about the family’s financial situation and that Gil and Daliah were going to have to quit swim class, the Y’s swim coach pulled Leora to the side and told her about the Y’s financial assistance program. Gil and Daliah, now 8 and 5, were able to continue their swimming at the Asheville Y. They are now in the upper levels of the youth classes and are almost ready for swim team.

Through swim lessons Gil and Daliah learned life skills and water safety. More importantly they were given comfort and stability during a time of drastic change in their lives.

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