At only 24 years old, Tina’s world was turned upside down…she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.  To make matters worse, her doctors told her she would never be able to have children, and the hormone therapy medication she used caused her to gain over 60 pounds in a very short amount of time.  She was depressed and very sick. 

Tina’s world is right-side up again.

Tina is cancer-free.  She has three beautiful & healthy children, and is working toward her R.N. degree.  “Your attitude can be cancerous itself,” Tina claims, ‘you can’t just lie down and die… sometimes you have to fight for everything, including your life!”  She credits the instructors and friends at the Y for helping her lose weight, gain confidence, and go after her dreams.  

Tina is a huge supporter of the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program and wishes it had been around when she was going through her cancer treatments.   “I love the fact that the Y is family oriented, and does so much for the community.  There is no stigma, no social classes at the Y; just people helping each other to be better.”


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