Ben and Darla

Ben and Darla were having a tough time functioning without an integral part of their family.  Last year they lost Darla’s mother to cancer.  Both were struggling.

Ben’s pre-teen daughter’s grades had slipped down from A’s and B’s to D’s and F’s, and her behavior was taking a hit too.  She began withdrawing from her family and friends and was spending more and more time getting into trouble with a new crowd. 

Ben tried desperately to console and reconnect with his daughter.  He was looking for any way possible to get Darla back and on the right track.  That’s when Ben heard about the Y’s new 21st Century Learning Center at Darla’s school. 

Ben, ready to try anything, enrolled Darla in the 21st Century Program where Darla met strong, positive female role models who listened and cared about her.  She was provided with academic support as well as emotional support in a time when she needed it most. 

By the end of the school year her grades were back up and she seemed more like her old self.  Ben contributed his daughter’s positive change to the Y’s 21st Century Program.  He was so impressed with her turn around that he wanted to be a part of the program in any way possible.  At the time, the need was for Bus Drivers.  Ben applied for the job.  He recently completed orientation and is now a very important part of the 21st Century Program team.


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