Part of the Family, by Heather

Being a new parent to the Asheville community, it has been a difficult transition for me and my son. This is the start of David’ second school year here in Asheville. David and I had to move here due to a job opportunity. You see, last year I lost my job, and I was unemployed for months until I received the job here. During my months of unemployment, I acquired some debt that I am actively trying to pay back. Last year was tough for David and me because we knew no one here. I was pretty scared about him even going too the YMCA Afterschool program, but it worked out great. They YMCA became a family to David and me. It was such a blessing on snow days because regardless of the snow, I still had to work. Being a single mom is tough but I am thankful for the support and love that this organization provides. It’s just David and me here and we try to do the best we can, with what we have, and we are thankful. And we love being a part of the YMCA family.

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