Transforming Lives in Our Community

YESTERDAY, I sat with a woman and her three sons while she shared the financial hardships they were facing and I got to tell her it was okay, she had a place here.

YESTERDAY, a middle school student in our 21st Century Community Learning Center wrote a letter to her community asking for support for a public basketball court because she felt empowered to make change.

YESTERDAY, a dad watched his son make his first basket at basketball practice and knew he found something they would share for years to come. 

YESTERDAY, a mom watched her son finally put his face in the water!

YESTERDAY, a child in afterschool was asked to be the line leader, and has never been so proud.

YESTERDAY, a cancer survivor had three classmates waiting for her in the lobby so she wouldn't have to walk in alone.

And all that was just yesterday...

From programs for cancer survivors to football; from tutoring to swim lessons, the Y uses your gift to make a meaningful impact right in your own neighborhood. Make a difference today, tomorrow, and for the future.

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Mission Statement: To put Christian Principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

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