Mad Science Schedule: Summer 2018


Week One: Who are We? Mad Science!

Theme: Scientists

Field Trip: Linville Cavern


Week Two: Nuts and Bolts

Theme: Engineering

Field Trip: Zaniac


Week Three: Fires, Twisters, Tsunamis

Theme: Meteorology

Field Trip: Fire Station and WLOS News 13


Week Four: E-I-E-I-O

Theme: Agriculture

Field Trip: Franny's Farm


Week Five: It's a Jungle Out There

Theme: Animals and Ecosystems

Field Trip: Greenville Zoo


Week Six: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Theme: Anatomy

Field Trip: KidSenses Interactive Museum


Week Seven: Camp Rock 

Theme: Sound and Vibrations

Field Trip: YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly


Week Eight: The Fallen Kingdom 

Theme: Paleoanthropology

Field Trip: The Nature Center


Week Nine: Mix, Fizz, Boom! 

Theme: Chemistry

Field Trip: The Hop


Week Ten: To Infinity, and Beyond! 

Theme: Astronomy

Field Trip: Skyzone