CIT Program

Counselors in Training

Counselors-in-Training (CITs) will learn leadership and basic job skills in a fun camp environment. Field trips, lock-ins, and time with friends are high points of the CIT experience. Open to ages 12-15. 

In a time when teenagers are becoming increasingly more glued to technology, our camp takes these teens and thrusts them into nature, teaching them valuable lessons about the outside world, while simultaneously molding them into capable young adults. Counselors-in-Training is an experience-based learning program. Our  CITs are a valued part of our summer camps, where they will develop friendships, leadership skills, and an appreciation for hard work and the great outdoors.

They will be given the chance to shadow counselors, and learn from them as their mentors and guides. Rather than just assisting with the groups, our CITs will be given the opportunity to lead activities and projects, and even design curriculum themselves; because the best way to learn is by leading. There will be weekly leadership trainings and CITs will set specific and achievable goals for the summer. The CIT program is one part structured learning, one part self-guided leadership, and a heaping helping of fun and adventure. 


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